The Lazy Lizard business was initially set up by Liz Parkinson in 1984 as a marketing vehicle for her various activities.  Since then she has produced various books, posters, cards and t-shirts and unusual artwork.  She currently lives at North Avoca, near Terrigal, NSW and certainly has no time to be lazy!! She has written and published three books to date, and they can be seen below.

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"Forresters Beach
- a history"

RRP $25 plus postage and packing

"Drawings of Women"

RRP $6.50 plus postage and packing

"The Crazy Creatures
Colouring Book"

RRP $6.50 plus postage and packing
Published by Pelekinesis, USA.

"Black Tide Ink Drawings
by Human Beings"

Published by Artesian Publications, UK.
Limited copies available. Contact Liz


Terrigal A History of the area  Liz Parkinson

A History of the Area"

RRP $25 plus postage and packing
Second edition now available


The Underwoods Lock Stock and Barrel  Liz Parkinson

"The Underwoods:
Lock, Stock and Barrel"

RRP $25 plus postage and packing
includes FREE copy of 'Landmarks of Old Sydney Cove'


Landmarks of Old Sydney Cove  Liz Parkinson

"Landmarks of Old Sydney Cove"

RRP $2.20 plus postage and packing
Free when purchased with 'The Underwoods' book



"Bird & Animal Drawings"

To be published in the future

Landmarks of Old Sydney Cove was originally written to accompany a range of T-Shirts which Liz brought out in 1988.  This was the year of Australia's Bicentenary, which marked the landing of the First Fleet on Sydney on 26th January 1788.  This 16 page book reflects a period 20-30 years later, when a town had already developed there and houses were built along the banks of the then Tank Stream.

The cards, posters and t-shirts depict various places, things or Liz's imaginative artwork. They all feature the Lazy Lizard logo, seen below.  It is based on the large black lizard called a land mullet, which is found in the Terrigal area. It is large, black, prehistoric-looking and very lazy.

The logo itself has already had an interesting history. It is a registered trademark, and during the course of its registration process, its design was challenged by the patent attorneys for Lacoste.  The latter believed that their crocodile, which predated the Lazy Lizard, was too similar. However the registration of the Lizard ultimately went ahead.


For further details regarding any of the above please contact Liz Parkinson

or write to her at PO Box 157, Terrigal NSW 2260 Australia

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